Who is the Bubbe?

The Bubbe is an octogenarian, holocaust survivor, and great-grandmother who is much beloved by family, friends, and the greater community for spreading her love of food.

Evading the Nazis

After being forced from hiding in their home in Ostrog by a flood, The Bubbe and her family were forced to leave all they had ever known and wander hoping for help in hiding.  All five of them were hidden in a potato cellar on a farm on the outskirts of Ostrog – now in the Ukraine.  The Bubbe and her family lived in this hole in the ground for 16 months, surviving on either bread or

potatoes and water.  The only clothing they had was what they wore the day they were hidden.  In the winter of 1945, Poland was liberated and the family was free. Upon returning to their home, they found that it had been completely destroyed and, so, moved to Lodz, Poland where The Bubbe met her husband and was married.  After three years in Displaced Persons camps in Berlin, and Eschwege, Germany, the family, with a baby girl in tow, came to the U.S. in March of 1949.

A New Life

The family moved to Washington, DC where they established a grocery store and raised three children. Longstanding members of the Jewish community, The Bubbe established herself as a pillar of the synagogue by coordinating the food preparation for shabbat, festivals, and special occasions. These meals consisted of old world favorites like gefilte fish, chopped liver, and cholent.

A Gourmet Transformation

Urged by her family to branch out and try new methods of preparation, The Bubbe used her knowledge of cooking as a base and has been inspired from some of the world’s most successful contemporary chefs to create new dishes and put a modern spin on traditional dishes.

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